Sainted Ninja of Valerian


Level 7 ninja / 1 barbarian / 1 swordsage / 4 Shadow Sun Ninja
Saint +2 CL

Temujin backstory

Temujin is the illegitimate – and oldest – child of a Semula, a dockworker and Jarmel, a wayfarer. He has a younger brother, Bekhter, and sister, Temulen.

He was born during winter in a hospice outside of Bressk. His mother was killed by a neighbor when he was four. At five, his maternal grandfather, Brund, started teaching him to train animals. At thirteen, he apprenticed as a sailor through the Thieve’s Guild of Dassen.

After finishing his apprenticeship, he worked the docks until he turned eighteen, when he signed on to the ship “Maiden’s Call.” Three years later, “Maiden’s Call” was shipwrecked near Turinn, and he was rescued by a druidic circle who taught him the ways of Valerian. After six years with the circle, he returned to Dassen and began missionary work for Valerian. After five years, he finally raised enough money to build a small abbey/orphanage just outside of Bressk.

In his journeys with his fellow adventurers, he has restored order to Dassenn’s throne (which gave him a landed knighthood), cured the monastery of the two winds of its evil, retrieved the burning torch, defeated two trilliths, sainted by his deity, increased his abbey to save over 50 children, and rescued a unicorn.



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